leads your products and services into a huge and rapidly growing market of 1.4 billion consumers

Our business as follows:|我们的业务范围如下:

Release  products and services supply information  on our website|基于中国进口网发布商品及服务供应信息

Release  various forms of online advertising  on our website|基于中国进口网发布多种形式的网络广告

Attend relevant exhibitions entrusted by clients|受客户委托参加相关展会

Conduct all kinds of market research on product sales in Chinese market entrusted by clients|受客户委托围绕中国市场产品销售进行市场调查

Plan agency policies, product marketing and advertising programs entrusted by clients|受客户委托策划代理政策、产品营销和广告方案

Provide various business services for clients to expand the Chinese market |为客户开拓中国市场提供各类商务服务

Act as an agent to sell products with market potential|代理销售有市场潜力的产品